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Information About the Bangalore Palace

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

You can visit the palace if you're in the city. The palace grounds are full of activities, from wedding ceremonies to trade and retail exhibitions. You can also enjoy the well-maintained gardens. Another nearby attraction is the Equestrian Centre for Excellence, where you can see world-renowned jockeys.

The Bangalore Palace is a beautiful historical monument. It's built in the Tudor style and is similar to European castles. The walls are covered in vine and the architecture is reminiscent of a British castle. The exterior features a turreted parapet and fortified towers. Its interiors have detailed wood carvings and cornices. Furniture and decorations are reminiscent of the neo-classical style. The palace has 35 rooms.

In addition to being an important architectural landmark, the palace has an amusement park called Fun World. It is open to the public and is surrounded by a garden. Its fees are INR 10 to INR 500, depending on the activity. It also hosts concerts and other events. Popular artists have performed in the palace, including the Black Eyed Peas and Ludacris.

The Bangalore Palace is a great location to watch international performers. Its gardens are lush and well-manicured and display different types of flowers and hedges. The grounds have also been a concert venue and have hosted many international artists. The Palace grounds are an ideal place for international events and cultural events.

The palace was originally built in the Tudor Revival style and includes an ornate ballroom. The Maharaja used to hold public meetings here. The hall boasts gothic-style stained glass windows, ornamental mirrors, and Victorian and Edwardian-style furniture. The walls are decorated with floral motifs and relief paintings. There are also intricate wooden carvings throughout the palace.

The building dates back to 1874 and was designed by John Cameron, who was the superintendent of the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. It has undergone several improvements over the years. The Maharaja of Mysore added a platform for musicians. He also added a twin external staircase outside the Durbar Hall. In the 1970s, the palace became the subject of several legal battles. In 2005, the palace was opened to the public, allowing the public to see the inside.

The palace is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. You can purchase tickets to self-guided tours of the palace. It costs INR 225 for Indians and INR 450 for foreigners. You can also purchase audio guides of the palace in multiple languages. Taking photographs or videos of the palace grounds requires an additional camera ticket, which costs INR 675.

The palace is located centrally in the city, which makes it easy to access. Several public and private transportation options are available to visitors, including buses. You can also take a taxi or auto rickshaw to the palace. However, make sure to check before you depart because it may be closed for renovation or a wedding.

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